15 September 2012

VB.Net Hint -II

How to Create Variables in VB .NET?
A variable is a storage area of the computer's memory.
Dim number1 As Integer
    Short for Dimension. It's a type of variable.your variable declarations with Dim.
    This is a variable. In other words, our storage area.
As Integer
    We're telling Visual Basic that the variable is going to be a number (integer).
How to concanate two String in VB.Net?
Dim FirstName As String
Dim LastName As String
Dim FullName As String
FirstName = "Lakshmi"
LastName = "Naraayanan"
FullName = FirstName & LastName

& -- Symbol is used for Concanating strings.

What is the use of val Keyword n VB.net?
To convert text into Number.

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