26 September 2012

Application Architecture

                 In this Article, I explained about Application Architecture.
·         Application Architecture.
·         Software Architecture.
·         Types of Application Architecture.

·         Definition of Application Architecture:
·         The applications architecture is specified on the basis of business requirements.
·         It involves defining the interaction between application packages, databases, and middleware systems in terms of functional coverage.
·         It is differed from Software architecture.
·         Definition of Software Architecture:
·         Software architecture is commonly defined in terms of structural elements and relationships.
·         Types of Application Architecture:
1.    One Tier Architecture.
2.    Two Tier Architecture.
3.    Three Tier Architecture.
1.    One Tier Architecture:
·         One user can run on a Personal Computer.
·         The entire required components to run the application are located within it.
·         User interface, business logic, and data storage are all located on the same machine.
·         They are the easiest to design, but the least scalable.
2.    Two Tier Architecture:
·         It supplies a basic Network between Client and Server.
·         Improves scalability and divides the user interface from the data layers.
3.    Three Tier Architecture:
·         3 layers commonly known as: Presentation Layer (PL/UI), Business Logic Layer (BLL) & Data Access Layer (DAL).

One Tier Architecture:

2.    Two Tier Architecture:
 Three Tier Architecture:

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