01 September 2012

Basic XML

· XML -- eXtendable Markup Language.
· It is a Case Sensitive.
· It is a Tag Code.
· Easily, it understands by Machine and Human.
· Storing and Retrieving data.
· All elements can have text content and attributes
XML Code likes this
   Structure of XML:

Root Element:
              It is a Parent Element of all Elements.
             Additional information about an element.
              It can be extended and carry more information.
              It can have attributes.
              Value of Every Element. User can Read, Write and Modify.
Create XML file in C#.Net:
Declare a namespace for XML
using System.Xml;
using System.IO;

User can create XML file using XMLWriter.

XML File created in the D Driver.

Read XML File Data:

  User can read XML file in two ways.
1)     Using XMLReader
2)     Using SelectSingleNode
1)     UsingXMLReader:
              User wants to read all elements in the XML File using XMLReader.
Now, we go to Coding Section.
Using XMLTextReader:

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