27 August 2012

WPF Day-5

    Last Four days, we talked about WPF Introduction, AccessText Control, Board and Canvas, Calendar, CheckBox, ComboBox and ContextMenu Control. Today we will discuss about Datagrid, DatePicker, DockPanel, and DocumentViewer Control.

·  Datagrid Control:
               Represents a control that displays data in a customizable grid.
                  It starts from .Net Framework 4.0.
Please refer this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.controls.datagrid%28v=vs.100%29.aspx
·  DatePicker Control:
               Represents a control that allows the user to select a date.
               It starts from .Net Framework 4.0.
Please refer this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.controls.datepicker.aspx
·  DockPanel Control :
     Defines an area where you can arrange child elements either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.
Create ContextMenu in XAML:
<DockPanel Background="AliceBlue">
            <TextBox Name="textBox1" TextWrapping="Wrap" Margin="10, 10, 5, 5" Grid.Row="7" Height="36" Width="202">The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
                        <MenuItem Header="_USA" />
                        <Separator />
                        <MenuItem Header="_INDIA"  />
                        <Separator />
                        <MenuItem Header="CHINA"/>
                        <Separator />
                        <MenuItem Header="SOUTH AFRICA" />

Create ContextMenu in Coding:
private voiddockPanelControl()
            dockPanel = new DockPanel();
            dockPanel.Background = Brushes.LightSlateGray;
            dockPanel.Margin = new Thickness(10, 15, 5, 10);
            dockPanel.Height = 100;
            dockPanel.Width= 200;
            this.Content = dockPanel;
        privatevoid dockControl(DockPaneldpnl)
            chkYes = newCheckBox();
            chkYes.ClickMode = ClickMode.Press;
            chkYes.Content = "Yes";
            chkYes.IsChecked = true;
            chkYes.Margin = new Thickness(10, 10, 25, 20);

            chkNo = newCheckBox();
            chkNo.ClickMode = ClickMode.Press;
            chkNo.Content = "No";
            chkNo.Margin = new Thickness(10, 10, 25, 20);
private voidWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
·  DocumentViewer Control:
           Document viewing control that can host paginated FixedDocumentcontent such as an XpsDocument. Simple says that user can view all documents like (PDF, text. Image files)
   It is a fixed format document with read Access for user.
    Provides a Packagethat holds the content of an XPS document.
           Container that can store multiple data objects.
Create ContextMenu in XAML:
<DocumentViewer Margin="20,12,12,26" Name="documentViewer1"Background="Azure" />
Create ContextMenu in Coding:
             privatevoid documentViewerControl()
                   docViewer = new DocumentViewer();
                   docViewer.Background = Brushes.LightSlateGray;
                    this.Content = docViewer;
            privatevoid Window_Loaded(objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e)
  I hope, you to get some ideas about Datagrid, DatePicker, DockPanel, and DocumentViewer Control in WPF. Thanks for reading this article. We will talk about other controls in next Chapters.              

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