18 August 2012

C# Interview Questions

C#.net Interview Question:
 Is it Possible to use var Keyword for global Declaration?
 Is it possible to use Keychar value in Keyup Event?
Difference between Form_loading and Form_activated?
Explain Types of Data Source in .net?
What are different types of Delegates?
What are the Keywords apply to event?
Which is a basis for event?
Where to use default keyword?
Is it possible to change the const keyword object?
Is static modifier allowed in a Constant declaration
List out of implicit converted of char?
Is it possible to use more catch statement in the Try catch statement?
What is the default value of bool value?
Can we use events with threading?
How to stop longThread?
Which namespace has Threading?
Difference between Boxing and unboxing?
How to get Default value in C#.net?
How to get Default value in C#.net?
When are validating and Validated events suppressed?
Difference between Double.Parse and Double.TryParse ?
What method do you call on a delegate to run it on a background thread?
What keyword provides thread synchronization?
How to set or remove a breakpoint at the Current Line?
What is the Maximum Parameters using in the Methods?
How to use Pascal and camel case in a Program?
What is the Function Key for Code Editor?
How do you call a Member method and pass a value Type by reference?
How do you declare a Numeric type to String?
What is Purpose of using Return Statement?
What is Purpose of using Continue Statement?
What is Purpose of using Break Statement?
What is mean by Dock property?
Explain C# Version
Is it Possible to declare an array variable without initialization?
What is the use of Reflection?
Difference between GETDATE and SYSDATETIME?
Difference between constant and readonly in C#.net
What is use of Trim () function and explain different variation?
what is mean by Trace Class?
What the way to stop a long running thread?
How can you reference currentThread of the Method?
What are the Different levels of ThreadPriority?
What is a thread?
What is the Type of errors?
What is difference between C# And Vb.net?
What is the difference between an EXE and a DLL?

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