14 June 2014

String Method in C#

There are some important string methods in C#.
1Copy()Create a new string by copying another string.
2CopyTo()Copies specified number of characters to an array of Unicode character.
3Compare()It is used for compare two string.
4CompareTo()It is used to compare the current instance with another instance.
5Equals()It determines if two string are equal.
6Insert()Return a new string with a substring insert ed at a specified location.
7Remove()It is used for delete the characters from the string.
8Join()It is used to join an array string together.
9Replace()It is used to replace all instances of a character with a new character.
10Split()It is used for splitting the string.
11Trim()It is used to remove white space from the string.
12Concat()It is used to concatenates two or more strings.

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