03 February 2014

Entity Framework Features

  • EF 3.5 Basic O/RM support with Database First approach.
  • EF 4.0 POCO Support, Lazy loading, testability improvements, customizable code generation and the Model First approach.
  • EF 4.1 First to available of NuGet package, Simplified DBContext API over ObjectContext, Code First approach. EF 4.1.1 patch released with bug fixing of 4.1.
  • EF 4.3 Code First Migrations feature that allows a database created by Code First to be incrementally changed as your Code First model evolves. EF 4.3.1 patch released with bug fixing of EF 4.3.
  • EF 5.0 - Current release Announced EF as Open Source. Introduced Enum support, table-valued functions, spatial data types, multiple-diagrams per model, coloring of shapes on the design surface and batch import of stored procedures, EF Power Tools and various performance improvements.
  • EF 6.0 - Future release EF 6.0 is currently in pre-release state. It will include Task-based async, Stored Procedures & Functions in Code First and Custom Code First conventions.

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