18 November 2013

Model View Controller

Today, we see What is mean by MVC [Model View Control]
  1.  Model is basically a C# or VB.Net Class.
  2.  Model is accessible by Both Controller and View.
  3.  Model can be used to pass data from Controller to View.
  4.  View can use model to display data in Page.
  1.   View is an ASPX Page without having a Code Behide file.
  2.   All Pate specific HTML generation and formatting can be done inside view.
  3.   One can use inline Code(Server tags) to develop dynamic pages.
  1.   Controller is a basically a C# or VB.net class which inherits System.MVC.Controller.
  2.   controller is a Heart of Entire MVC Architecture.
  3.   Inside Controller's Class action methods can be implemented which are responsible to responding to browser or calling views.
  4.   Controller can access and use model class to pass data to views
  5.   Controller uses ViewData to pass any data to view.
MVC Artchitecture :
Comparison Artchitecture:

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