09 May 2013

Farpoint Spread Sheet

                 Today , we will discuss about Farpoint Technology and his Merits and Demerits of Spreadsheet. 
                      It's just an Excel Sheet. It can support. Net Application windows, Web Application and VB6. Separate dll files for Windows, Web Applications and VB6. I hope, it's replacing for Datagridview. Because both are same.

 History of Farpoint Spread Sheet:
 1991 Spread released as a DLL control as the initial product offering from Farpoint Technologies, Inc.
Spread VBX released.[1]
Spread ActiveX released.
These components are now known as Spread COM.
2003 Spread for Windows Forms released as a completely new managed C# version prompted by the launch of Visual Studio .NET.
2003 Spread for Web Forms (now Spread for ASP.NET) released.
2006 Spread for BizTalk released.[2]
2009 Farpoint Technologies acquired by GrapeCity

 Merits and Demerits of Farpoint Spread:
Easy to Access.
Lock Cells
Different types of Cell Type.  
Separate Celltypes for each Cell.
Support Regular Expression.
Support Charts Controls.
Copy and Paste cells.
Supports Windows Windows Azure AppFabric.
Cell Notes
Support Custom Cell Type.
Child Control.
Splitter Bar
Build in Custom Skin and Styles.
Floating Formula Bar.
Automatic Completion.
PDF Export  
Filter Option
Client Side Column and Row Resize.
Move Scrollbar (Horizontal and Vertical) with or without User interaction.
Bound and unbound mode.
 One Event for General Cell Type (like Button Click Event)

  Thanks for reading this Article. I hope, It is very useful to you. Tomorrow onwards, we will read to use Farpoint in .Net Applicaiton.

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